23 Feb 05 - Panel, Airbox, Etc.

Tonight we clecoed parts of the forward fuselage deck together, continued working on the panel, and finish bending the tabs on the airbox. Cool to see something where the panel will eventually be.

Clecoing the panel and some of the forward canopy deck together. This is the Van's standard panel.
View of the same thing from the other direction.
Vents on the heater/air box have been bent to something close to the right angle.
Detail on the panel. Lots of deburring and taking the edges of this thing off. Also, it came taped taped to a piece of cardboard, so there was a lot of adhesive to remove.

Looks like we're going to be messing around with forward fuselage deck stuff for a little while. Hopefully, tomorrow we'll get the "ears" off the side of the real panel and get that in to see how it looks and make sure it fits okay.

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