23 Jan 05 - Control Systems, etc.

Sort of a miscellaneous day, today. Tried to finish up some stuff . . . some stuff got finished, some just got a little bit messed up. Let's see how this goes:

Fun stuff in the mail: this thing on the left is a tubing bender from Cleveland Tools, and the weird looking pair of things on the right are plate nut drill guides from Aircraft Tool Supply.
Rivets from Van's. These rivets have slightly smaller heads than normal, and they are (along with the plate nut drill guides in the previous picture) part of the new way we're thinking about plate nuts. Remains to be seen if it will work, though.
Stuff we've got for the panel so far. These are both from Van's.
Control sticks hooked up. They're attached to the elevator pushrod, now, which was a surprisingly large pain in the butt. If I was doing it again (and I probably will), I'd be sure to do that one earlier in the process than, oh, last.
Match drilling the F-680 bearing block. (No, the baggage floor was on there when I match drilled it, don't worry.) This was actually the second time we've had to make this part, and this one didn't really come out so well. More about this at the bottom.
Top fuselage skin is now completely dimpled. Had to pull out the C-frame dimpler, which hasn't been used in awhile.
New arrangement of the shop. With the finish kit showing up pretty soon and our project of mounting the empennage, I think this will work better. The fuselage is off to one side, and has a table on each side, now.

This F-680 block has really become a rather large pain in the butt. Making that part over and over isn't really a problem, but today we match drilled it to the fuselage without really taking the time to contemplate where the holes were going to come out. The holes (not surprisingly, really) are not in the right place, and are both off center enough that fitting a nut on the end of the bolt that is supposed to go through that hole just isn't happening - it's too close to the side.

No brilliant solutions have presented themselves yet (perhaps someone out there in readerland can help), but what it looks like we're going to have to do is put the bearing block ont he other side of the tunnel cover - of course, we'll have to make the F-680 part (for the third time, but that's not really much of a pain), get a new tunnel cover (the one that we have is already cut to fit the block on the left side of the airplane), and repaint the flap actuator weldment, which is a pain and a real shame . . . it looks so nice now.

Ugh. I think we'll leave this alone for a few days until my blood pressure goes back down. At the moment, I'm a little hacked off at myself for messing this up.

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