23 Jan 06 - Subpanel Stuff, Brake Lines, FWF Gas Lines

Lots of little random little things today.

Started messing around with F-746 - this is the part that rivets to the subpanel that will hold the cables that are running from the panel forward to the engine compartment. What the plans call for, though, seems a little too far down. The cables have curve up by a pretty noticeable degree, and we'd get less of a bend in them if we were able to move the F-746 part down.

This may be influenced by the fact that we're not using the stock Van's panel - I'm not sure where the modular panel holds the cables relative to where the stock Van's panel does, so this may make sense if they started a bit lower. In any case, we'll see what develops.

Difficult to see, but the cables a pretty far stretch below where F-746 is - this is the original position.
After moving it down - this is a bit better, but again, you sort of have to see it in three dimensions.
The plans call for the brake lines to be taped to the gear with electrical tape, separated from the gear legs slightly with aquarium tubing, like this.
Here's the entire gear leg.
Working with gas lines forward of the firewall - here's the T fitting that sends gas from the engine-driven fuel pump (center) to the carb (the line that goes out the bottom), and the line that goes up to the fuel pressure sensor (the line that goes out the top of the picture).
Gas line from fuel pump to the carb. Note the placement of the heat shield between the exhaust pipe and fuel line. Not really happy with this, though, we'll try to reroute this so that they're not touching.
Starting to think about the placement of fuse blocks. Hmmm . . . haven't done anything about this yet, other than think about it.

Some thoughts on where we're placing fuse blocks: well, "easily to get to" is probably less of a priority than you'd think it would be - we're not going to have to get to these very frequently if we design the electrical system correctly. These do not have to be accessed in flight, so building a little hinge drop-down thing from the panel isn't really something I'm so enthused about. It'll just add complexity and weight.

Probably a good idea to put them somewhere where they won't get water dumped on them if you get in and out of the airplane while it's raining. Somewhere dry is a higher priority than someplace that's easy to get to. Also, something centrally located would be nice, so we don't have to run wires all over creation.

All that to say - where this is, on the subpanel - is probably not where it's going to go. Odds are, it'll get stuck to the firewall or somewhere farther forward than there. We'll see.

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