23 March 05 - Match Drilling the Right Wing

Well, off to a new thing to do. Here's the plan, in a nutshell: try to get at least one of the wings closed up pretty quickly. One wing is going to have the autopilot servo in it (the right one), and the other one is going to have the pitot tube stuff in it. Because I haven't yet decided on a pitot tube and the autopilot servo is already in the mail, it makes more sense for us to work on the right wing first. Long term, after we get this closer to being finished up, we're probably going to continue dinking around with the wingtips and then test fit the wings to the fuselage - hopefully, we'll be able to get the wings to a "ready to be painted" stage fairly soon.

All that to say that the plan for tonight is to reorganize the shop so we can get to the wing, get an idea of how we're actually going to pull this off, and match drill this (and all the cleco involvement that this entails).

Moving stuff around so that we can get to the right wing. The last thing that we were working on with the wings was the pitot tube stuff for the left one, so these had to be flipped and more room created so there's actually room to stand in front of this.
FAA-type picture. Yup, this is me. Woop de do.
You wouldn't tell it from this picture, but this is all match drilled now. We'll pull it off and start deburring and dimpling tomorrow.

Well, hopefully we can get this closed up by this weekend. Servo should be here anytime, and then running wires (or at least string for the wires) - that's all doable by the end of the week, I think. We'll see.

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