23 Nov 05 - Engine Mount, Nosewheel Stuff

We're still shooting to get the engine mounted this weekend, so the list of things that still need to be done before that happens looks something like this:

That last option looks most interesting, so off we go:

Mount hanging on there after the top two holes have been drilled.
Haven't done one of these in awhile: FAA-type picture - yup, it's me. This is drilling the bottom holes for the nosewheel/engine mount attach points.

Random technical information for those that want it - but keep in mind that this is a QB kit, where there are undersized holes already drilled in the firewall. In order to get this all to line up nicely, we drilled both of the top holes out to the correct size, and then drilled the bottom center holes - the ones on either side of the nosegear. These were the only two holes that did not have predrilled holes in them, and the idea was that if we drilled these where the engine mount naturally sat, then we could bolt them in and then match drill the bottom outer bolt holes. This seemed to work pretty well, and both of the outer holes on the bottom (the ones that already had undersized holes drilled) seemed to line up pretty close. Not close enough that everything would have fit with just drilling them out and not using match drilling, though. I guess there's some variation in the welded engine mounts.

We also match drilled the nosewheel to the engine mount, although we did this when it was not on the plane - seemed easier that way. After that we pulled everything apart again, and touched up the scratches on the powdercoat . . . we'll let all that cure until tomorrow.

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