23 Oct 05 - Wingtip Lights, Altitude Hold Mounting Brace

Not a terribly productive day today, but a little progress beats no progress at all.

There's a bunch of work that needs to be finished up in the back of the plane, and that means someone climbing back into the tailcone, and neither one of us are all that enthused about that sort of activity. We'll get there . . . we just have to work up to it.

This is the main rear top skin - we're actually almost ready to rivet this on, but there are some other things (running conduit, altitude hold stuff) that need to be finished before that. After this is on, it'll be more difficult to get back into the tailcone.
Both wingtip lights are together (finally). Actually, these previously were together, before dissasembly for painting.
Altitude hold mounting brace match drilled to the fuselage. It was necessary to drill out a few rivets to get to this point.

I've got a brace for the Altrack Altitude Hold, but it must be noted that I have not ordered the autopilot yet. So how do I have the brace for it? When I ordered Altrack Wing Leveler from Fabian at Affordable Panels, he asked if I was going to put in an altitude hold. Eventually, I told him, but it probably won't be until after the plane is flying. This bracket comes with that kit, but is much easier to get onto the plane at this point in the building process, so Fabian told me that he's ship me a free one now, so that I can put it in when I get it and retrofitting the altitude hold will be easier whenever I want to put it on.

Fabian does this stuff frequently enough that I buy almost everything that I can from him, now. He's easily has the best service of any vendor I've talked to as a result of this project. Fabian doesn't spend any money on advertising, and depends on word-of-mouth from his customers to get more customers; after buying stuff from him, I can see why this works.

It turns out I'll go ahead and install the autopilot before we fly, though. Gotta order that in the next few weeks.

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