24 Dec 05 - Seatbacks, Subpanel/Forward Fuselage Stuff

Merry (almost) Christmas! Actually kind of an odd Christmas for our family as my sister's over in Japan visiting the folks that will be her future in-laws. Oh well, maybe we'll get some extra time on the plane.

Actually, that may not happen either, as I seem to be a bit under the weather. Mainly I'd like to get caught up on sleep . . . or maybe this website. We'll see.

The whole panel/subpanel deal is in there now. We're going to try to get some of the braces drilled on there - this is just making sure that everything fits.
Some time spent pondering the seats, too: take a look at this view, just to see that it's plugged into the correct slots . . .
Check this out: the sides of the seat brace will hit the bolts of the rollbar, there - as long as you've got those parts in, though, it looks like you won't have to modify the seats, just the brace between the seats and the bar that they attach to.
Process we're going through to make the F768-D parts: drill holes at the top of the part that will be cut out, and then use the band saw to cut to that hole. (Far right is finished product, less progress is made as you look at the left side.)
Finished F768-D parts. Woopdedo.
Getting the brackets drilled for the subpanel attach point.

Dang, I must be more under the weather than I thought I was. I'm going to go take a nap, now.

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