24 Jan 05 - Mounting the Vertical Stab (starting, anyway)

Tonight, we're starting on getting the horizontal stabilizer attached to the fuselage. Probably we won't make it through the whole empennage-mounting project before the finish kit shows up and sidetracks work for a few days, but we'll at least try to get cranking on this stuff now.

I should warn you, though - with two sets of eyes in the shop and given how nervous we are about messing this part up, it's going to be a "measure 2,476 times, cut once" sort of way of looking at the universe. That's not really so bad for you, but it means that this project will very likely stretch out for a bit.

Spacers for the horizontal stab.
Spacer on the left side. This isn't touching, but the one on the right is. Weird. (Editoral comment from later: the back of the horizontal stab wasn't in the right place - it was just sort of sitting there. After that got fixed, this looked lots less bad.)
There it is sitting on there.

Yeah, I know. All you see is spacers that took just a few minutes to make, but what you don't see is looking at the plans, looking at various builder websites, discussing everything to make sure we understand it, etc etc.

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