24 Jan 06 - Radio Stack, Other Random Stuff

F-746 is now primed and has nutplates in it. Woopdedo.
After messing around with the fuel pump to carb fuel line, we've got it so it's no longer touching the heat shield. Better.
Angles for the radio stack: We're using 0.125" x 1" x 1" angle for this, which is a bit of an overkill, as far as structure is concerned. Why are we doing this? See below.
How the radio's going to fit in there. Most of today was spent playing with the trays for the radio and transponder and then the GPS mount, trying to figure out how we're going to get them all nice and flush.

Using big angles: in most of the other radio stack installations I've seen, people have gotten away with smaller angles. Odds are, you can to, and save weight. However, the combination of radio and transponder that we're using means that the screws for the radio have to be mounted behind the screws for the transponder in order for everything to be flush. This bigger angle gives us a bit more flexability when we're trying to figure out how far forward or aft to mount the whole stack.

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