24 June 05 - Starting the Brake Lines, Wingtip Dimples

The panel was a blast, but it's time to move on to things that will probably be, well, less fun, when you get right down to it. We're now starting the brake and gas tubing runs, which judging by what other folks have said, may make us go nuts. Hopefully we'll be able to throw in enough other projects to keep ourselves sane.

First attempt at brake lines . . . I'm sure this won't be the last. We're still learning how to do this.
Starting the whole nutplates and wingtip business. All holes have been drilled, and the skin's been dimpled and deburred. Hopefully we'll finish this up tomorrow.
Bakerseal - this came in from Aircraft Spruce today. There's a bit of discussion about this below:

So far, where to use what sort of sealant for pitot tube lines, brake lines and fuel lines has been something that we haven't known much about. We're rapidly getting to the point where this lack of knowledge is no longer an option, so we've been poking around to try to figure out what those who have gone before us have done. After a bunch of poking around, there seems to be two bits of wisdom that are the right way to do it, at least judging by the numbers of people (whose airplanes are flying) that have said this is right. The best summation of this that I've seen is from (not surprisingly) Dan Checkoway, who I will quote here:

I guess I could have just summed it up by saying, "Use EZ
Turn on fuel fittings, Bakerseal on everything else." And
again, I'm talking about ONLY the pipe threads on these
fittings, NOT the AN flared side.
Also this is important:
On all pipe thread fittings EVERYWHERE, always use a
thread lube/sealant. Always. That said, there are different
sealants used for different applications. And just for the
record, I want to say quickly -- DO NOT use any lube/sealant
on AN flared fittings. Just lube the pipe threads.
Here's a link to the page where Dan says all that.

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