24 March 05 - TVRVBG Meeting, Deburring a Wing Skin

The evening started out with a visit to Scott Millhouse's shop, where a RV-9A is taking shape. Scott recently returned from a business trip to Oregon, and he was able to pay a visit to the Van's Aircraft factory. Scott was able to talk the normally frugal Van out of some RV T-shirts and posters, so there were some door prizes. Cool!

A few of us noted that if Scott can talk Van into giving him free anything, his skills at negotiation must be much better than any of us suspected.

State of the panel. Scott is going with a slider canopy.
Engine is on the plane. This is a 0-320-something that's off of a helicopter, and is a conically mounted engine.
Lots of RV folks milling around.
Scott holding the jar and Sam drawing for the door prizes.

A good time was had by all, however, there's still a small amount of time to run back to the shop and keep making progress on the wings. We match drilled the right wing yesterday, and the next step is deburring everything . . . not real exciting. You know the drill.

I know you can't tell it from this picture, but this has been deburred now, on both sides.
Again, you wouldn't be able to tell from the picture, but this has all been deburred now. Sorry that you have to take my word for it.
The Trutrak Servo showed up in the mail. This will fit either the Altrack or the Pictorial Pilot, so I don't really have to decide which one I want until I order the rest of it. Leaning towards a pictorial pilot, though.

Now seems as good a time as any to talk about Affordable Panels, which has recently expanded what they're selling - not just panels anymore. They're one of the few places that will sell the servo separately from the part that gets stuffed in your panel, and Fabian took time to answer my questions and also suggested that (on an unrelated note) I get the mounting bracket for the altitude hold if I'm planning on putting that in a few years down the road. According to Fabian, the bracket's easier to get in now, so that's probably worth getting even if an altitude hold is a few years down the road.

After getting it and looking at the plans, I expect he's right about this. Oh, and the modular panel I got from these guys rocks, too.

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