24 March 06 - Panel Prep, Altrak Switch Wiring

Continuing to work on the panel - now that the paint is stripped, there are just a few details left to do before we can get it all painted again. Lots of countersinking, match drilling the map box door to the panel, etc. We'll start that today.

One of the other marginally interesting things that we've decide to do is to try to dim the altitude hold light. The way this works is that there's a panel-mounted button that you push to make it come on, and after talking to (and flying with) folks that have this system, I've learned that the light is a little on the bright side, even for flying around in the daytime. (I bet it's really blinding at night!) We're going to add a resistor in here to try to make this a little less bright. Oddly enough, the Altrak folks have a resistor that is included with the kit. We've replaced it with something beefier, in hopes that this'll fix the problem.

Countersinking for the screws and for the flush rivets for the map box.
Resistor soldered in there - this is a standard 1k-Ohm resistor from Radio Shack (see the package in the background).
Panel's just about ready to paint - everything fits.
Altrak button now has shrinkwrap over everything, so this is ready to go back in the panel.

In the next few days we'll be able to get the glove box finished and the panel painted, and this little project will be done.

And now for something completely different: We recently got an online store for the local RV builder's group. A few folks have ordered shirts, coffee mugs, all sorts of fun stuff. I just got a coffee mug from it in the mail . . . came out really well, I think. Quality of the product is good.

Yup. It's a coffee mug.

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