24 Nov 05 - Engine Mount, Battery Box, Etc.

The goal is to try to hang the engine tomorrow, and as such, there's a few odds and ends that need to be finished up before that happens - today is pretty much the day that we'll try to do that.

Copper strips that connect the grounds of the starter relay and the master relay. It requires two strips, so here they are . . .
. . . and there they are on the plane. There's some wiggle room in the relay to firewall mount, and that's actually really nice in order to get the relays to all line up nicely.
Nosewheel and engine mount on the fuselage. The engine mount wasn't a big deal, we match drilled it to the fuselage yesterday. The nosewheel to engine mount bolt we match drilled while it was off the plane. That just seemed easier, but your milage may vary.
Hoses - oil pressure and fuel pressure hoses are attached to the transducer. Also, you can see that the proseal that was put on the firewall recess when it was riveted on has had another layer of red RTV slapped on top of it.

Battery box stuff:

Battery box after dimpling and painting.
This is what we used to paint it - this is just high temp flat black paint from the aviation section of Home Depot. This was good stuff - easy to spray, dried quickly, etc.
What is this? Well, dimpling and riveting on the battery box is much easier to do with a squeezer than, well, any other way I can think of. This is so you can solve a clearence problem when riveting the bottom rivets . . .
. . . like this. Otherwise it runs into the lip on the bottom.
There's the finished product with nutplates on the sides. Wait to rivet the nutplates until you have all the other rivets completed, otherwise they block access to them.
. . . and there it is on the firewall.

The little problem that we had a few days ago with drilling out the rivet for the battery box - the workaround for this that we came up with was to dremel (and then file) off the back of that rivet so it sits flush and then put an extra rivet on each side of the one we drilled out. (It's possible that the extra rivets are not necessary, but better safe than sorry, I suppose.) The rivet that's in there (that has no back) isn't really going anyplace because it's being held in front by the battery box.

This seems to all work just fine.

Clamps for the hoses are in. Time to call it a day - we'll hang the engine tomorrow.

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