24 Oct 04 - Riveting the Elevator Bellcrank

Not an overly exciting night. The elevator bellcrank has been riveted, and that's really about it. However, we did lots of planning after this got done as we tried to figure out what to do next. Kinda stinks to use airplane building time for that, but you've got to do what you've got to do.

Now this is riveted together.

Well, what we'll start working on next is the tunnel cover and the seats. This seems like a good place start. The idea of starting here comes from (so far as I know) Brian Meyette, who seems to know what he's doing. Starting the QB fuselage is kind of strange, as so much has been done already, and the plans assume you were the one to do it.

In any case, onwards and upwards! We'll start on those parts next time.

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