24 Oct 05 - Conduit in the Tailcone, Altitude Hold Bracket

The eventual goal here is getting the top rear skin on, and it would be best to have the altitude hold bracket in there and the conduit to the tail run before that happens.

Order matters, though. The altitude hold bracket is going to make life more uncomfortable for anyone trying to get back into the tailcone, so we'll want to finish up the conduit before the altitude hold bracket goes in there for good.

How we're going to brace the conduit - don't want it chafing back there. This is the conduit from Van's (originally purchased for the wings) tie-wrapped to these tie-wrap braces.
There's the result - the tie-wraps are every couple inches, so it should be okay even if the adhesive on one or two of them lets go.
This is something else weird on the QB tippers - the "ears" on these stringers need to be trimmed. It's been trimmed on the one in the foreground, but not in the background.
Altitude hold has been painted. We'll rivet it in tomorrow - we should be able to do that from outside the plane - two people standing on opposite sides.
Bellcrank for the elevator. This was finished up months ago, but for the altitude hold it needs another hole in it (for the pushrod that hooks up to the servo), and the metal clecoed in there will serves as a reinforcement.

Tomorrow, we'll finish this up and try to get started on actually riveting the main back skin on. Queue the dramatic music.

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