24 Sept 05 - Super Fil, Rudder Light

More adventures with Super Fil: we're trying to get a nice smooth joint between the fiberglass empennage tips and the aluminum. This'll be something of an iterative process: put Super Fil in there, let it cure, sand it down, and repeat until it's nice and smooth and there are no pinholes.

The only other stuff that we're trying to do is (a) get the canopy latch back together and (b) start thinking about the rudder light. Both of these wound up being more complicated than I originally thought they were going to be. As far as (a) is concerned: apparently dimpling and coutersinking the holes in the angle changed something, because tonight the part of the latch that slides in and out didn't want to work. It took quite a bit of filing and scotchbrite work to make it open and close again. Oh, and also we're not quite ready to rivet this yet because I'd like to figure out how to put a lock on the canopy latch. I've seen the finished result in a couple of tipper RVs, but I haven't seen any documentation on how to do it. Time to look, ask folks, or figure it out myself.

Oh, and more about (b) at the bottom of the page.

Here's the latch after all the scotchbriting . . . yeah, I know. It doesn't look any different to you guys out there.
Bottom of an elevator ready to cure. For both elevators, the gap on the bottom is bigger than the gap on the top, so there's more work to be done there.
Horizontal stabilizer after the first layer of Super Fil.
Rudder light in the, um, rudder. More about this below.

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