Santa Brings Airplane-Related Stuff

No work on the plane today (all the family is together, after all), but a bit of puttering in the shop, as Santa brought airplane-related stuff. A nice day, and we'll continue work on the electric flap stuff tomorrow.

Rubber mats for standing on in front of the workbench. And, um, yeah, that's a Christmas tree on the work table. Thanks Mom!
Rubber mat in front of the other work table.
Also, Santa brought this - it's a bench, or a stool, or a place to put the tools. Whatever it is, we've already discovered that useful.
Oregon Aero Seats! Of course, we had to put them in the plane and then sit in them. Comfy.
Seats again. Now I need to get these covered.
Making gingerbread houses is a tradition in our family - as this has been the year of the RV, we made a gingerbread FBO. This is DAAS, which is the FBO for Pryor Field. Yeah, we're nerds.

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