25 Feb 05 - Panel Putterings, Making Parts

Again, sort of a miscellaneous stuff sort of night. A really high percentage of the evenings lately have been spent staring at the plans - this tends to happen whenever we start a new section, and there has been a lot of head scratching and attempts to figure stuff out as we've started work on the front part of the plane again.

Modular panel clecoed to part of the forward fuselage frame. Note that the stock "ears" on the modular panel are gone, so now it's more or less the same shape as the Van's stock panel.
Back view of the modular panel, showing the angle that gets attached to the bottom. That gets put on with screws and nutplates.
The rest of the evening was devoted to manufacturing small parts. Here are some of them . . .
. . . and here are others. Most of these are the right length but still need to be polished, primed, etc. We'll get them finished up at some point in the future.

We've gotten some amount of stuff done this week, but we've also spent a lot of time planning, asking questions, and looking at plans. Consequently, it probably hasn't been a large amount of excitement for you folks out in readerland, but bear with me - if the weather's nice tomorrow, we'll get started on interior painting, and that'll probably make stuff more interesting.

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