25 Feb 06 - Control Cables, Working on the Glove Box Door

Big day, today: one of the little projects we did today that was more fun than we've had in awhile was hooking up the mixture and throttle cables. Now they actually do stuff, which led to a substantial amount of sitting in the project making airplane noises. (Yeah, I expect productivity really to plummet once we can power the panel up.) Interestingly enough, the only reason this took a bunch of time was that there were so many parts, and we had to find them all. In any case, here's a few pictures of what it can do now:

Throttle is open and the mixture full rich . . .
. . . throttle is closed and the mixture is full lean.

What we're trying to accomplish here perhaps is worth discussing. Perhaps. The Van's glove box kit works well, but let's face it: how the front of it looks on the panel is downright ugly, and I do not want to have to stare at something ugly when I'm flying this airplane. The result we're shooting for is something like this, which is the glove box on Jim Harchanko's RV-7A. We're using different equipment to get there, though.

The hinge we're playing with here is from Just RV Parts, and is actually designed to hold the oil door flush. Probably it's pretty good for that purpose, and so when I ordered it, I ordered another one, too, and here we are playing with that one, now.

The glove door that Van's gives you has to be cut down somewhat if you are going to be able to mount it flush.
How we're planning to put the hinge together. Probably we'll noodle over this some more before actually drilling holes.
Oh - completely unrelated - we picked up a 15 amp Power Supply from Radio Shack so that we can power up components of the electrical system without eating a bunch of batteries.

Oh - also there was some progress on running wires in the subpanel, today, but no pictures of this - I mean, it would be very similar to pictures you saw yesterday . . . except with more wires. Not really very interesting.

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