25 July 04 - Getting the Air Compressor Set Up

Finally got around to unboxing and setting up the air compressor. This particular compressor is the oil-less variety. Although everyone generally agrees that these work well, a common objection is that they're much louder than the kind that use oil. On the other hand,they are less expensive. Well, after setting one up and playing with it for awhile, I've made the following observation:

It's loud.

That's okay, though - it works well, and we'll probably build a box for it similar to the one that Dan Checkoway built, like this.

Air compressor (duh).
Air tools. Note the quick release connectors on the bottom and the white teflon tape.
Air compressor with the hose.

We haven't bothered to run air hose lines everywhere inside the walls - we've just gotten a long hose. We'll see how this works out, we may have changed this setup before the end of the project. I'm not sure if the Quickbuild kit cuts down on the riveting and drilling enough to justify not plumbing the workshop with air hoses. We'll see.

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