25 June 05 - Finishing the Wingtip Nutplates

This was one of thos projects that just takes lots longer than you thought it was going to. Lots and lots of holes to drill, lots of rivets to squeeze, and all that sort of stuff.

Nutplates in the process of going in . . .
. . . in all the way.
Wingtips are on!
The screws sit nice and flush.

About the only thing worth noting here is that we used the Cleaveland Tools wingtip attach set to attach these. The soft rivets that they enclosed, though, were too long, so we ordered shorter ones from Aircraft Spruce. Also, we followed the Van's directions, not the ones that came with the Cleaveland kit - Van's doesn't seem to think you need a metal strip to back up the nutplates (they do if you're just attaching the wingtips with pop rivets), and Cleaveland suggests that you use it. It looks like a pain, and if it's not necessary, well, let's skip it.

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