Afternoon of 25 May 04 - Day 2 at the Alexander Tech Center

The plan for after lunch was to finish clecoing, drilling, deburring, scuffing, and dimpling the elevators and trim tab. We almost made it, but pooped out before we dimpled the last elevator skin. There's a lot of progress here, though.

Actually, according to the schedule, all the stuff that we were hoping to get done today is scheduled to be finished by the completion of Wednesday. I think that this is going really fast because (a) we're the only people in the class, and (b) there are two of us.

Dimpled rudder skins.
Clecoing the stiffeners into the right elevator.
Right elevator skin with all stiffeners clecoed in there.
Same thing, view from different end.
Trim access trim reinforcement plate - view from the outside.
View of the same thing from inside.
Right elevator skin with the frame sitting in there.
Getting ready to cleco the bottom skin (it's upside down).
Trim tab skin with the trim tab horns in the foreground.
Inside of right elevator with stiffeners
Counterbalance rib and skin on the left elevator.
Left elevator is flopping around because of the cutout for the trim tab. We're about to cleco it down.
Clecoing the couterbalance rib and skin on the left elevator.
Left elevator clecoed and drilled.
Right and left elevators clecoed and drilled - ready to be taken apart.
Trim tab with the horns clecoed on for drilling.
Bend for the trim tab in the left elevator skin.
Using a piece of scrap wood to shape the metal - see extended explaination below.

These bends are detailed in the plans in Drawing 4 in the "Tab Bend Detail" and the "Trim Tab Bend detail." These will be blind riveted together to form the side of the trim tab and the corresponding side of the elevator.

How these are formed isn't obvious from the photos, but it involes clamping the skin into place using various pieces of scrap that you've got lying around. Then you form it with a piece of wood, and then you have to hammer it into shape. I'm not sure anyone does the exact bends of 89 and 91 degrees like they say in the plans - just tweak it until it fits.
Bend in the trim tab itself.
Final state of the bends in the left elevator.
Detail of the dimples on the right elevator skin. This was dimpled using the same big C-frame that we used to dimple the stabilizer and rudder skins this morning.
Elevator stiffeners, ribs, and right elevator skin. They're all ready for priming.
Parts ready to go to the paint shop for priming. These are not all parts that we've been working on, there are RV-9 pieces in there too.

Tomorrow, we have to dimple the left elevator skin and polish the edges of the last few elevator ribs. After that, everything goes to the paint shop to get primed, and then when it comes back, we start riveting things together.

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