25 Nov 05 - Hanging the Engine!

Well, all the stuff on the firewall was pretty much done, and we've thrown the necessary connectors on the back of the engine, so it looks like we're pretty much out of excuses: time to hang the engine.

This actually went pretty smoothly, but probably most of the credit for that is due to an excellent article by the Tampa RV Builder's Group that appears in 24 Years of the RVator. This article alone is worth the price of the book if you have not hung an airplane engine before (we haven't), and is nice and detailed and tells you pretty much what to do. I won't reproduce the article here, but we pretty much just followed the directions. Here we go:

Maneuvering the engine into position - this is before any bolts are on there at all. Dad looks on enthusiastically.
Bolt #1 in there. This is the top right bolt, and it should be tightened down completely before the top left one is put in.
Top right one tightened with the top left one just sitting in there - you can see the difference between what the vibration isolators look like when they are compressed and how they look normally.
After the top bolts, the next one to be done is the bottom right. Here it is tightened in there.
Yay! It's on the plane!

A few notes that may be useful:

In any case, nice to have that done. We'll start working on getting the carb and the exhaust pipes on there tomorrow, probably. And oh yeah, we still have to finish the brakes.

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