25 Oct 04 - Tie-down rings, Tunnel Cover

It turns out that maybe we weren't quite done with the wings - we need to tap the tie-down rings in both the wings, in addition to the part that will eventually go in the back of the fuselage. I managed to borrow a tap from Scott Millhouse (RV-9A in progress), and got that out of the way tonight. In addition we started fabricating the tunnel cover.

Tap, tapped part, and tie down rings for the wings.
Tapping the tie-down rings in the wings.
Start of the tunnel cover. We'll start match drilling it tomorrow.

We're beginning to get into having to fabricate more parts - the two sides of the tunnel cover required some amount of cutting to get them into the right shape. This isn't difficult, but it just scarfs time and makes me really thankful that we have a bandsaw. Even on the quickbuild kits, it's really nice to have.

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