25 Oct 05 - Rear Top Skin Prep, Misc. Fuselage Stuff

Today we're trying to finish up prep work for getting the back skin on. There are a few stray rivets that need to be bucked or squeezed, and a few things to finish with the altitude hold.

There's a bit of a complication with the back end of the main rib in the top of the fuselage. Where it connects to the bulkhead at the rear of the skin we're attaching, it has already been pop riveted on. As a result, you can't get in there to buck the rivets attaching the bulkhead to skin that are directly above the bulkhead. The solution is to drill out the pop rivets and pull the rib down, rivet the skin to the bulkhead, and then re-attach the rib to the bulkhead.

This seems pretty straightforward, but I've seen a couple RVs out there that have pop rivets in this place. While I'm sure that's structurally okay, this is a good way to get around it.

Pulling the rib down after it's been drilled out. You can see which rivets can be bucked now that it's been pulled down. (End result is below.)
Bracket for the altitude hold - primed and riveted in there.
Rib riveted to the bulkhead and the first few rivets are in there attaching the bulkhead to the skin.
Bellcrank that we started working on yesterday. The reinforement has been riveted in there and the whole thing has been trimmed nicely.

Well, there's not much we can do on the altitude hold until the actual altitude hold servo shows up. As far as the top skin, though - we should be pretty much ready to start on that next time.

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