25 Sept 04 - More Landing Light Stuff

What we're going to try to do today is finish the holes in the wings (there are still some rough corners that we didn't get finished up yesterday), match drill holes in the wings to the metal pieces that will go on the inside (and attach to the plexiglass), and install all the nutplates on the wings. This is more or less what we got accomplished, so that's good.

This has nothing to do with landing lights, but the pitot mount showed up, so we primed it.
As this isn't a really large shop, working on both wings at the same time is makes getting around an adventure.
Hole for the left wing is complete.
Same hole, same wing, view from the inside.
Match drilling the holes in the wing.
Match drilling is done, although as I'm typing this it occurs to me that we'll probably have to drill it out more - those are only size 40 clecos.
Template showing the location of the wholes that will eventually be drilled for the nutplates.
Nutplates on backwards for match drilling. They're clecoed in with using the hole that we drilled with the cardboard template.
Nutplates installed on the inboard side of the wing.

Getting these nutplates installed is a bit of a project, as you've got to operate the pop rivet puller and the air drill inside the wing. Doesn't take any weird tools (though a really long drill bits help), but it will either teach you patience, or a few new four-letter words. Maybe both, I have no idea.

Pulling apart the lights that the comes with results in just this part that gets mounted in the wing. Well, except for the black seal around the edge, I need to pull that off.

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