26 Aug 04 - Building Shelves and Organizing Hardware

We need even more shelf space! We built this out of the wood from the quickbuild kit crates.
Organizing hardware into baby food jars.
The end result: baby food jars on the shelf.

Somewhere in here, although there are no pictures, we started working on the aileron pushrods, which was the most exciting part of the evening. We didn't make much progress as we're really just getting started now. Also, it dawned on me that we don't have primer, a center punch, or a torque wrench, and a handful of other things that we'll need before we really get cranking. Looks like making these pushrods is going to take awhile. Oh well. We're having a lot of fun, though.

On the other hand, this shelf is pretty cool, we're probably going to build another one just like it on top of the other pegboard.

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