26 Feb 06 - Wiring, Dimmer Stuff, Map Box Door

It seems like any deviation from the plans, ever, increases the time spent on that part by more than you'd expect, even if you take that rule into account. Working on getting the glove box to fit, and so there was a bunch of incremental filing, the conclusion of which was (a) it fit, finally, and (b) I understand why Van's doesn't tell you to make this thing flush. In any case, it's still not quite right, I think I'll have to add a shim to make it sit farther aft at the bottom.

In any case, I say that to try to drum up some amount of sympathy for myself because it looks like we didn't really get all that much done. Whatever. Looking at this a week later, I don't even have much sympathy for myself, and I was there.

Hinge is attached, and there's some strange cutouts on the bottom there so it can miss the intercom, which sits right below it.
Beginning to be some wires back here near the firewall, which is sort of exciting. So far, all the little clamps seem to be in a good place.
Ah hah! The circuit board for the dimmer switch (the Van's one) that we're using - this will be used to dim the Nulites.
Much more progress on the wires behind the switches, if you're going by number of wires, which we are, for psychological reasons.
Busses. This is a view from inboard, if you look closely, you can tell that there's another bus sitting against the large one in this picture. Starting to get power to these guys . . .

Also, we're getting kind of frustrated with these little black labels that we've been using to put on wires. Hard to read (except from specific angles) and in addition, they keep falling off. These were just a temporary solution anyway, but cheese and rice! We're going to have to figure out what to do ASAP.

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