26 March 06 - Panel Together (again), More Wiring

After letting the paint on the panel dry overnight, it's time to get it together and see what this all looks like. Also we're still thinking about wiring stuff - in particular, pondering what to do with all the Dynon harness wires that are now in there.

Panel getting together - here's the right side/glove box. I'm pretty pleased with how the different color door stands out.
Glove box door open. The fit is always a little different after riveting, but it seems to still fit just fine.
More panel painting pictures - here's the left side with the filler plate in the panel.
GPS latch cutout - now that this has a layer of paint on it, it seems to look okay.
Panel together, putting some instruments in there so that we can start thinking about routing wires for them.
Forward fuselage, showing all the wires that we're having to think about. Ick! Still plenty of work to do for wiring, here.

Here's the general idea behind the order that we're doing all this in, for what it's worth: it's more difficult to get into the panel from the bottom than the top, so we're sort of working bottom up, here. Now that the switches are all more or less wired, we can get the bottom row of instruments in there. When those are done (or at least farther along), we can get the top row of instruments in there. The idea here is to avoid having to wire stuff from the bottom because the stuff that's above it is in the way.

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