26 Nov 05 - Brakes, More Engine Putterings

We've been meaning to get the brakes and wheels for awhile, but kept putting it off. In order to get this done, though, we've got to get the plane off its feet, which is now made more complicated by the fact that there is an engine attached to the plane. However, we can still pick it up with the engine hoist that's sitting around.

In any case, the documentation for this section is rather sparce, so here is a series of pictures of the right wheel/brake that shows how it all goes together. However, we we are not putting the braces for the wheelpants on - as a result, there are spacers that are missing and all of the bolts are the same (shorter) length - 4-5A's, I think, but I'm not sitting in front of the plans right now.

First pieces in there . . .
. . . bolts in and torqued.
Brake assembly on there . . .
. . . and there's the wheel in there.

The last step is putting the other side of the brake pad in there and then safety wiring the bolts, which I forgot to take a picture of. Sorry.

Okay, next section: there is a fitting for the oil cooler that (according to the plans) you are supposed to attach before mounting the engine. There are two places you can do this, a side-facing fitting (which we used) and a rear-facing fitting, which we did not use. The rear-facing fitting is recommended, but we did not use it because it requires removing the right magneto in order to get it in. I didn't particularly want to re-time the mags if they were working, but after we got the engine on, we realized that the rear-facing fitting was just not going to cut the mustard. The line didn't fit well, and if something ever went wrong with it, it would be necessary to pull the engine off in order to replace it (instead of just the mag, if we had used the other fitting).

All that to say: we decided to pull the engine off to switch fittings.

Okay, the engine is off: where my finger is pointing is the fitting should go, instead of just to the right where it is.
Fitting has been changed. Note that the magneto is missing and the plug is in the other hole.

Getting the engine back on: here are a few tools/tool mods that we found useful:

Note the lack of clearance to get this wrench in - you can get it in, but after you tighten it down, it won't come out.
Solution: grinding down the wrench so that it fits in there.
Nut (not visible, but imagine where the wrench ends) for the vibration mount on the bottom side of the engine - getting to these is a pain.
However, this is the wrench that we were using in the previous picture, which makes it easier - this is standard 5/8 offset wrench from Sears.
Conclusion of this whole episode: there's the line, nicely attached and not running into anything. You can see the engine vibration-isolating mount in the upper right, and the previously used fitting right next to it. Yeah . . . what were we thinking, trying to use that?

Okay, thank heavens that is done. Mounting the engine isn't any easier the second time, it seems. In any case we can return the engine hoist now, hopefully the engine is on for good. It had better be.

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