26 Sept 05 - Rudder Light Mounting, Super Fil Prep Work

Today we're trying to figure out exactly what to do with the rudder light. Here's the problem: because we enlarged the hole so that the whole light fits inside the fairing, (a) it's not quite getting squished down enough to make a proper seal, and (b) the nuts that the screws go into are designed to not get all the way up to the metal. This is difficult to explain, but because of the way the lip on the mechanism is, the bolt won't be able to get all the way up there.

What we're going to try to do for a solution is (a) sand the cap down so that it makes a nice seal, and (b) put the nuts on the inside of the fiberglass fairing so that it'll not run into the metal lip. Let's see how that goes:

Well, also we're doing another iteration of Super Fil and sanding. This part is getting tedious . . . nice to have other projects to break it up.

Fairing - you can see the little notches cut out for where the screws are going to go.
Cap and glass cover - about 1/16" has been taken off of the bottom of this, although you can't really tell.
Here's where the nut needs to go . . .
. . . and there's the Super Fil to hold it in. Super Fil may not be strong enough for this, so it'll get a layer of fiberglass on top of this to get it completely covered up.
Back to the Super Fil: this is after it's been sanded the second time. This is getting lots better.
After two iterations of Super Fil and sanding: I think the horizontal stab tips are done, but there's a bit of work left to do on the elevators.

We'll get back to it tomorrow. Probably more of the same. This isn't really the most exciting stuff, but we're really trying to get this completely ready to paint before mid-October.

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