27 Aug 05 - Getting Hamburgers, Getting a Bearing Packer

Lots of airplane stuff today, but not a lot of it had much to do with the RV. I've been trying to work on an IFR rating, and between this website, the work on the RV, and keeping busy at the job I had up until yesterday, stuff has been a bit hectic. I'm looking for any excuse to build cross-country time, and there was a small group of us that wanted to go to Pell City to get lunch, so there you have it. Rick and I both rented Warriors, threw our respective passengers in the planes, and headed down there for lunch.

In front of the restaurant. Warrior that Rick flew is on the left, I was in the one on the right.
Russians need $100 hamburgers too.

The restaurant at PLR is called "Sammie's Touch and Go," and it's great place to see airplanes that are not necessarily your standard 152s and 172s. Yaks, lots of RVs, and all sorts of stuff generally makes an appearance. If you've bummed around airports in this area of the country for any length of time, chances are you've heard of Sammy's - it's the only thing like this in the area. If you're passing through the area, it's worth stopping by. Hours of operation change from time to time and are generally on Airnav.

This was the first time I'd seen a Breezy. This is probably heretical to say in the RV community, but this looks like a lot of fun, as long as you're not in a hurry to get anywhere.

Apparently lots of other folks hadn't seen a Breezy, either. Right after I took this picture, it pretty much got mobbed.
Note the instruments in the floor panels.
Low-tech airspeed indicator . . .
. . .. and a more traditional airspeed indicator. Looks like a minimum of tubing between the pitot tube and the instrument, though.

About the only RV-related stuff today. See below for a discussion.

According to the directions, you've to check the bearings in the wheels to make sure they've been greased properly. It's worth repacking the grease to make sure it's good, and unless you want to get grease all over the place, a bearing packer is a good thing to have. The one pictured above was recommended by Dan Checkoway, and is made by Lisle. I found this one at an auto parts store, but I think you can probably track them down all over the place.

In any case, we'll be using this in a few days when the Aeroshell #5 grease comes in.

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