27 Feb 05 - Planning, Puttering

Today was a good example of how to spend a lot of time in the shop without really getting very much at all accomplished. If this happens to you a lot, too, then maybe you need to read Sam Buchanan's advice on how to maximize the productivity in your shop time. The column is here, in the reference section.

Got the sticker on, anyway. I've always thought of this as something as a landmark . . . it seems like you see this exact sticker, right here, in all side-by-side RVs.
Fitting the airbox in. We were actually getting ready to drill the holes in the side for the nutplates, but then we got carried away discussing (potentially) better ways to do it.
The angle between the airbox floor and the part that goes up is greater than 90 degrees - I mean, it is on this airplane - you can see it - but it's that way in the plans, too. Really.

Discussing problems with the airbox nutplates: we're going to have to get out the angle drill, which is always sort of a pain. Also, it seems that you wouldn't be able to get to the screws if you had floorboards, which I'd like to do. The airbox has to come out at every annual inspection (so I've heard), and it would be nice to not have to tear out floorboards to get to them.

I'd heard it mentioned somewhere that it would be possible to add another piece of angle to the angle that's already on the floor (so the screws could be mounted in the top), but I can't figure out a way to do that without taking the sides off of the bottom of the airbox. I'm not sure there's a really great answer to this one, folks. Perhaps someone out in readerland can help.

Next time we'll get off our butts and actually bend some metal.

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