27 Feb 06 - Wiring, Labels, Bending PVC Pipe

Not an overly productive day today, however, we did learn something that will probably turn out to be important: we figured out how to bend PVC pipe with a heat gun. This is sort of an industrial strength heat gun, so I'm pretty sure that if you try this trick with a hair dryer, it'll either not work at all or just take a really long time.

Also, we've started replacing the wire labels that we had been temporarily using (which looked pretty bad, and didn't stick to the wires) with a smaller, wrap-around labels that will actually be permanent.

Here are the labels - there's a wiring diagram that explains what all the numbers correspond to, but right now it's just scratched out on notebook paper and therefore not on the website yet.
How the labels look when they're actually on the wires: because it's printed many times in an extremely small font, you can read it from any direction.
Heat gun that we're using, and the warped PVC pipe. Whee!

We're planning on using PVC pipe to run conduit from the front of the fuselage to the rear, and we were trying to figure out some way to bend it. Using a heat gun works fine, but practice on a piece of scrap before you do it for good. Things that were learned:

Probably be playing with that some more soon, and actually bending the PVC that'll go in the fuselage, and not just the scrap pieces.

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