27 June 05 - Vents, Subpanel Experimentation

Tonight we're going to try to make some amount of progress on the subpanel. Some of this is venturing into the great unknown here as we're trying a combination of stuff that (to my knowledge) has not been previously tried. Whether we can make this work or not will be interesting to see.

In a nutshell, what we're trying to accomplish is to make a subpanel out of a piece of scrap. The piece of scrap that we're using originally started life as a brace in the fuselage when the QB kit shipped, it can be seen at the bottom of this picture. That by itself has been done before, but we're trying to combine that activity with using an aftermarket panel (the one from Affordable Panels and aftermarket vents (and a mounting kit for those, too) from Experimental Air. Of course, we could just give up on the experimentation here and order the subpanel kit from Affordable Panels, which we still may do. We'll give this a shot first, though.

How this is all going to (hopefully) fit together - the mount for the vent needs to be bent, and the subpanel part is going to need to be trimmed.
After bending the mount for the vent - this is going to fit into the panel quite nicely.
However, the angle that stiffens the bottom of the panel runs into the vent mount, so this needs to be trimmed, like so . . .
. . . and this is how it fits into the end where it would run into the vent mount.
How this is all going to fit together, hopefully.

The piece of scrap that is now the subpanel doesn't quite go from side to side, and because of the shape of the air vent mounts, right now there looks like there might not be a good way to attach the subpanel to the vents, which seems like it'll need to happen - you'd want it to attach to both the panel and the air vents, but there might not be a good way to do this. Also, because the ends of the subpanel have holes in them from where it was originally riveted to the fuselage, that's going to need to be trimmed off, which may make this too short to work how it looked in my mind when I was trying to plan it out.

We'll keep trying to figure this out tomorrow!

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