27 Nov 05 - Carb, Exhaust Pipes, Etc.

Now that the engine is on, the plans for the future change somewhat: in the near future, there isn't lots that we're planning on doing to the engine. The goal for today is to get the carb on (hopefully for good, but I guess we'll see), and the exhaust pipes on (I'm sure they'll be back on and off a few times). Getting those things on quickly was actually the suggestion of David Edgemon (builder and owner of this beautiful RV-9A), as those are probably the largest things that you have to route all the other stuff around. Getting them on is important so you know where to put all the other stuff - that's the theory, anyway.

In any case, one of the things we'll be working on next is wiring, lots of which will be in front of the firewall. Maybe we can get the panel in (for good) by the end of the year . . . we'll see. For today we'll stick to the carb and the exhaust pipes.

Here's where the carb is going . . .
. . . and there's the carb. The lever that will adjust the throttle is sitting front and center from this perspective, and the lever to adjust the mixture is off to the left. (You're looking at it from the right side, so the mixture lever is in the rear, throttle on the right side.)
Carb on the engine: note the weird-looking part between them - that's a brace for the throttle and mixture cables, although the only drawing of how that fit in there that I was able to find in the plans was on a drawing for one of the IO-360 engines. Weird.
Here's a neat doohicky we're borrowing from David - it's an Engine Saver - pretty much an aquarium pump hooked up to a coke bottle full of desiccator pellets. It blows air into the breather tube.
Here's the gasket that goes between the exhaust pipe and the engine . . .
And the exhaust system mounted on there. It is much easier to get the pipes put together and then put onto the engine in one big piece, rather than bolting the headers on and then trying to get the rest of the pipes in there. (We never did get the second way to work!)
Starting to put together the canopy latch - pushrod has been put together and the latch has been ground off on the right side (weight reduction) and then touched up. We'll finish getting this in next time.
Oh . . . also the engine hoist is now gone (thanks, Ken, for letting us borrow that) and the tail is back off the plane. Looks less like a plane, but now there's room to walk around, which is a big plus.

Well, it looks like work is sending me to Mississippi (man, that's hard to type) tomorrow, and dad's off to Kwajalein (just as hard to spell) the day after that. Looks like that's all the shop work until next weekend . . .

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