27 Oct 05 - Tech Inspection, Etc.

Over the last few weeks we've reached critical mass on some of the questions that we've had, so it's time to call up Sam Buchanan and see if we can get some sage advice and some paperwork to fill out: that's right, another EAA tech inspection.

By an amazing coincidence, it's within one day of one year since our first tech inspection. Pretty weird to go back and look at what we were working on then.

Form from the evening. Lots of good suggestions from Sam. We'll be implementing some of them over the next few weeks, and one piece of advice about how to get the rear top fuse skin to fit correctly we'll actually use tomorrow when we rivet it on.
Well, we've got a couple minutes before it's time to call it a night. We're planning on starting to rivet this on tomorrow, so we'll go ahead and get all the clecoes in so we can jump right in.

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