27 Sept 04 - Mounting the Landing Lights

Tonight's project is getting the landing lights into the wing - this isn't really involved, all we've got to do is prep the metal that the lenses fit into, and then pop the resulting part into the wing.

Well, also we had to finish putting the nutplates in the wing that we didn't do last time, and also drill out a few nutplates in the wing that we did do. Turns out that these fit lots better if the shop head of the pop rivets that hold the nutplates in is on the side of the spar facing away from where the landing light mechanism is. (That was confusing - look at the third picture for the correct way to do it. Easy way to remember it is to pull all the rivets from inside the wing.) Well, pop rivets are not difficult to drill out, so no big deal.

What's going in the wing - note that the holes on the ends are large to give you some wiggle room for aiming this sucker.
Head on view, once it's in there.
View from the back. I think we'll pull those wires into the wingtips in order to connect them, but we haven't really thought too much about that yet.
View of the right wing. The wing is right side up, by the way.
Similar view, same wing.

Saying that the landing lights are done except for the plexiglas covers gives the impression that we're closer to being done with these than we actually are. From what I've read about the plexiglas covers, getting those to fit correctly is fairly involved. We'll deal with it later, though.

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