27 Sept 05 - Rudder Light Mounting, More Super Fil Prep Work

It seems that the idea of holding in the nut with a matchstick worked well enough to get the nut to be in the right place, but the matchstick was a pain in the rear to get out. It worked, though, so I we'll do the same thing for the other nut.

The Super Fil feels like it's really strong, but I'm still planning on putting a layer of glass over it, just to be sure.

The bottom one we did yesterday after the matchstick has been pulled out - everything looks good.
And here's the top one - doing the same sort of thing.
Sanding the elevators: one of them, after another iteration of sanding, looks like it's ready to go.
The other one still had some pinholes, so it got filled again in a few minor places (which you can't really see here, unfortunately). After sanding next time, this should be good to go as well.

A few more empennage parts to go - pretty much just the top and bottom fairings on the rudder, actually, and then this monotony will be done. We need to start thinking about how to finish up the wingtips, now.

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