28 April 05 - Aileron on, Flap Planning

Tonight was the first time we've seriously contemplated getting the flap on the right wing. A few things to note - it took quite a few iterations of holding it up there to see if it would fit to make sure that it's actually going to show up where we want it to. It's important (just so everything fits) to get it lined up in the right place from left to right, but it would also be nice to get it lined up as far as matching where the trailing edge of the aileron is located.

Also, trying to get all this stuff lined up while the wing is vertical is an exercise in frustration. Much easier to put it horizontal, which we didn't realize until the end of the evening.

These washer wrenches that we got from Aerocrafters really started to be useful tonight. Mounting the ailerons took a lot less time.
First iteration of getting the flap hinge on there. This is going to require some head-scratching to get this lined up correctly.
Just messing around . . . but starting to think about laying out the panel a bit more, really. Hopefully we'll be able to fit the Dynon on the left side of the brace.

The fascination with playing with the cardboard cutout of the Dynon is triggered by the fact the EFIS and Engine Monitor that I ordered a month ago are ready to ship. I've got to put a check in the mail tomorrow for Dynon, and then presumably it'll show up sometime next week. Cool!

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