28 Jan 06 - Finishing the Radio Stack (sort of)

Some fun stuff showed up in the mail today, which will hopefully prove useful in the future:

Teflon anti-chafe tape.
Soleniod valve - we'll use this for the priming system . . . probably.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, we're working on the radio stack:

We've cut the bottom part that will fit below the radio stack - it's the part being held on by black clecos.
Bottom tray - for the transponder - is in there, now.
The actual transponder in there, with the bottom piece clecoed in.
Next step: the radio's in here, now . . .
. . . and finally, there's the AirGizmos Garmin 296/396 mount. Also the sides have been primed and riveted in there, finally.
Top piece is in there, now, too.

Sorry that this incremental process of putting together a radio stack is longer on pictures than it is any sort of useful directions. The general sort of way we went about this was to (a) figure out how far back you want everything to sit, and then make sure that everything's going to be able to fit in that position, and then (b) just work from the bottom up. Nothing's really set in stone until you get the first tray in there, so don't rush the measuring and thinking about it phase of this, here.

Another thing to consider: I've seen some people actually put these side angles together with nutplates, which isn't really a bad idea at all. That way you could just pull the entire radio stack in one piece, which is potentially nice if you're planning on messing with the stack in the future. Obviously, we didn't do this, but it's not a bad idea.

This isn't entirely done. There's another piece that we still need to build that goes at the bottom of the top metal spacer - it'll provide a place for that to be attached at the bottom. As you can see in the last picture, right now, it's only held in place by the two screws at the top.

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