28 July 04 - Miscellaneous Shop Stuff

Today we got a drill press, and hung the elevators on the shop wall.

From Harbor Freight - about $80.
The first elevator has been hung!
And there's the second one.

A few editorial comments: the parts have been hung using straps that have come from Wal-Mart. They were originally designed to hold baggage to the roofs of SUVs that are owned by yuppies that drive way too fast. Why they can't fit all that stuff inside their vehicle that's twice the size of my Honda beats the snot out of me, but the straps seem pretty beefy, so the parts should be okay. We'll probably use those to hang the rest of the empennage parts, too.

This is more stable than it looks. I hope, anyway. We bumped it a few times to make sure that it's not going to get blown down, or anything.

I think that a tabletop-size drill press will work okay for this project, judging by the size of the stuff we had to drill on the empennage. I've heard that a drill press is not a strictly required for RV fabrication, so it didn't seem really smart to spend $400 getting a super-nice one. Of course, if this one falls apart half way through the wings, you can be sure I'll have something to say about it. This one still needs some tweaking - the plate on which you're supposed to place the thing you're drilling is not quite staight from side-to-side. We'll want to fix that before we drill anything important.

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