28 June 05 - More Subpanel Adventures

Tonight we're going to see if we can make the subpanel - which we got to fit together yesterday - look nice enough on the edges to justify actually putting it in the plane.

Subpanel after trimming . . . how it sort of fits with the air vent mount. All right, how it doesn't really fit at all with the air vent mount.
Other project for the evening: the sides of the subpanel (meaning the panel between the panel and firewall, not the thing below the panel) are finally in, after a lot of bending, filing, etc. These took a bit of messing with in order to get them to fit.
Detail of the shape of the channel. Anyone know where we can get a piece of aluminum channel like this?

Well, after lots of contemplation we're still not entirely sure what to do about the subpanel. Trimming it to get the ends off (that had holes) resulted in something that is shorter than ideal. It doesn't look that great and since there's no way to attach it to the vents, it's not as solidly on there as would be ideal. So . . . the course of action at this point is to either try to get some more of this channel somewhere or break down and order the subpanel kit from Affordable Panels. We'll probably work on other stuff until we make that decision.

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