Afternoon of 28 May - Day 5 at the Alexander Tech Center

One of the highlights of the day was Terry Swindle showing up to see what we were up to. Terry's a potential RV-8 builder, and was extremely curious to see what the Alexander program was like. Terry's a ATR captain for American Eagle, and had all sorts of great airplane stories to tell. Also I think he's excited about starting his project now.

We discovered that crating the empennage to get it back home would be fairly expensive - something on the order of $300. We determined that most of the empennage parts would fit inside a Honda Accord, but just barely. The only thing we had to leave behind was the horizontal stabilizer. I'm planning on bribing someone with an Explorer to come help me pick this up - I figure if I've got to buy them gas and a nice dinner, I still have saved something on the order of $200 over crating it home.

That's the rudder on the floor - that was the tightest fit as it's the tallest part.
Right elevator fits nicely on the back seat.
Clearance (or relative lack thereof) for the rudder.
Clearance on the other side. It fits in there, really.
Clearance with the door closed. Close, huh?
Both elevators now in the back seat.
And now the vertical stabilizer's in. That's all that's gonna fit, methinks.
Dad, me, and Jacob striking a pose.
And here's me and dad with Terry.
Various shots of the Alexander RV-6.
I think they're hoping to have this ready for transition training by the end of the summer.
Shot from the stairway that says "No Admittance." Shhhhhh.
Ron Alexander pushing his KingAir back into the hangar.

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