28 Nov 04 - Brake Pedals, Setting up a Heater

Today wasn't really remarkable, but you could make a pretty good case that this is only true because we're putting the interesting stuff off until tomorrow. Today was just assembling the pedals (just following the directions), drilling out some pop rivets, and setting up a heater.

Got the brake pedals attached to the rudder pedals. We tried a few different ways to get it nicely lined up, but didn't get it right until tomorrow.
Removed a support that the QB kits ship with, but is necessary only for shipping - this is a boring picture unless you see what it looked like before we removed it.
A good chunk of time was spent getting this guy running. The shop is nice and toasty now!

The kerosene heater was given to me by Vicky Wilson, who probably didn't anticipate getting her name on this website. Thanks Vicky!

(Note from a few days later: this is already proving invaluable to have when the shop gets cold. I would have had to ask Santa for one of these if it wasn't for Vicky. I think she deserves a thank you airplane ride, but I can't imagine she'd really want to get in any small airplane. Oh well . . . maybe that's my fault for mentioning the word "aerobatics.")

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