29 April 05 - Panel Planning

Exciting day today - mailed a check to Dynon, which feels like a pretty big deal. We're getting to the point where most of the panel has been ordered (and most of what's ordered is pretty close to getting here), so it's going to become necessary to figure out what to do with all this stuff. (Just FYI, the goals for the panel are laid out here.) As a result, tonight was spent with little pictures of Dynons and little circles, and looking up dimensions of radios and transponders on the web.

In any case, a few observations:

Here's the final result - looks like an RV panel . . . sort of. If you click on it
to make it bigger, you'll be able to see details on the radio stack, which are just sharpied in.

You'll notice that there are still things missing - we've still got to fill in the switches, and things like the Hobbes meter, ELT, and I'd like to stuff a CO2 detector in there somewhere, too. Hopefully the little stuff will cluster around the map box pretty well. Oh - also, the blank part in the lower left is probably going to be for the clock.

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