29 Aug 04 - Priming and Riveting Pushrods

Drawing the holes that we're going to drill on the W-818 pushrod.
Pushrod ends after they've been drilled.
The Van's instructions say to prime the inside - we didn't think about the paint coming back out of the holes, so this made a bit of a mess.

Something that is interesting to note - if you get the Sherwin-Willliams self-etching primer on the powdercoat pieces, it looks bad. I don't think it does anything bad, but it just looks sort of . . . weird. Obviously you don't need to prime the powder-coated parts, but if you're trying to get the inside or the ends where you've cut the powdercoated parts off, you could get some odd-looking results.

Less messy this time - we taped the holes before priming the inside.
. . . and there they are with the ends pop riveted on. Still need to put the jam nuts on, though.

We were going to rivet the other smaller aileron pushrods - I don't remember the part number right now, but it's pretty much just the other pushrod.. Unlike W-818, it's not done with pop rivets, but with a large rivet that goes all the way through. I tried to do one of these and it bent in the center, and lemme tell you - these are a serious pain in the rear to drill out. We'll give it another shot when we start again on Tuesday.

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