29 Dec 05 - How not to do F-767

The only thing that we were trying to get done today is is the F-767 part - the little clip that holds the flap motor brace to the horizontal brace. (What this does is clear if you look at yesterday's log.) Not that difficult (it's a piece of bent metal with nutplates in it), but I managed to goof it up. Interesting lessons learned, though:

The total number of the particular offset nutplates included with the QB kit is very low. (Maybe the standard build kit, too, I have no idea.) We wound up being a nutplate short, so rather than order one from Van's and then wait a week, we borrowed one from Scott Millhouse. It was a slightly different style, but no big deal, right? Not really. The spacing between the rivet holes was different, so what we ended up doing was match drilling it, then riveting it together with the wrong nutplate in the match drilled holes. Then the screw wouldn't go in on one of them. Darn!

Picture from the back. You can see that the two different nutplates are different styles (the one on the left has ridges).
Same thing, view looking from the front. You can see the different amount of space between the rivets.

Okay . . . so all in all, that didn't go so well. This is a small enough part that I don't feel badly about doing it over - it seems like to just start it over will yield a cleaner result that taking this thing apart and re-drilling holes, or just wallowing out the hole for the screw. I'll be more careful next time. I mean, I haven't even been thinking about different nutplate sizes! I don't think it's a problem if you get all the nutplates out of the same bag, though.

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