29 Jan 06 - Oil pressure switch, Top Section of the Radio Stack

Two projects for today, one that's slightly more involved than the other: getting the top bit of the radio stack completed (small project), and getting the oil pressure sensor for the Hobbs meter attached (even smaller project). Let's see how we do:

The oil pressure switch is the smaller one running parallel to the firewall. (The larger one is the oil pressure sender for the Dynon Engine Monitor.) Note that it's large enough that it was necessary to add a spacer between the firewall and the transducer manifold.
Top section of the radio stack, back view - this bar that runs across the bottom is a prefab part, it just has to be match drilled to the top section and then attached somehow to the angle.
Here's the finished product from the front . . .
. . . and from the back, showing what we did. The back part is attached to the angle with just a screw and a locknut - probably a good idea to make this removable instead of using rivets, so we did.

That's probably all the work we'll be doing on the panel for awhile, as structurally, most of it's pretty much there, now. In order to get to the point where we're running wires and hooking things up (which we're starting to think about, now), probably the next stuff we'll be tackling is the subpanel frame.

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