29 July 04 - More Miscellaneous Shop Stuff

Tonight, we got the rest of the empennage parts hung on the workshop walls and peeled the plastic off the horizontal and vertical stabilizers.

The aluminum is nice and shiny under there.
Horizontal stab on the wall. This looks pretty impressive in real life.
Vertical stab on the wall.
Oh yeah - finally got the Avery dimpler unpacked. We may want to make a table for this, sort of like Sam Buchanan has done here.

The straps we used for hanging these parts are much beefier than the ones that we used yesterday, and I think they'll do well. Also we've started hanging things from two hooks instead of just one. I think both ways will work fine though.

Sorry, no picture of the rudder. It's on the wall, though, you'll just have to take my word for it.

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